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As the heartland of Japan for over a millennium, the Kansai District has been a historical and cultural treasure, priceless to the whole world. In addition, it virtually overflows with diverse attractions ranging from traditional craft-making techniques to cutting-edge technology and pop culture. Let the Kansai District help you experience the real Japan.

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  • Search for sightseeing spots in Kansai

    Search for sightseeing spots in Kansai

    Experience the essence of Japanese culture. The diverse charms of Kansai are introduced in eight categories.

  • Encounter the dining culture of Kansai

    Encounter the dining culture of Kansai

    Enjoy Japanese dining to the fullest, from traditional course cuisine (kaiseki-ryori) to the delicious, everyday foods known locally as “B-grade gourmet.” Dining events held in Kansai are introduced here.

  • View info on manga/anime

    View info on manga/anime

    Visit manga/anime museums and sites where things are happening now. Popular events and other information are introduced here.

  • Visit World Heritage Sites in Kansai

    Visit World Heritage Sites in Kansai

    Feel the history and culture of Japan. Introducing World Heritage Sites, and other historical and natural assets in Kansai.

  • Kansai Tourism Ambassadors Studio

    Kansai Tourism Ambassadors Studio

    Introducing Kansai Tourism Ambassadors - people who function as tourism bridges between Kansai and abroad through their respective activities.

  • Kansai Photo Gallery

    Kansai Photo Gallery

    Photos introduce visitors from abroad to especially recommended sightseeing spots.

  • To Muslim Visitors

    To Muslim Visitors

    Welcome to Kansai. See here for information on prayer rooms, dining facilities, etc.