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Ohmi-Shirahama Swimming CampsiteGoogle Map

Sports Events:Swimming

A long beach adorned with white sand and green pine trees attracts many people who enjoy swimming, camping and water sports. The beach is also known as a site for hot-air balloon races.

availability period:2016/07/12~2016/08/31

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Hakodateyama Ski ResortGoogle Map

Sports Events:Skiing/Play with Snow

A popular ski resort known for the abundance and fine quality of its snow. People from the beginner to the experienced can thoroughly enjoy winter sports here. Families will also like this place as kids can take pleasure in sledding.

availability period:2016/12/13~2017/03/30

BSC Water sports CentreGoogle Map

Sports Events:Canoeing/Kayaking/Yachting

BSC holds kayaking classes for beginners and gives yachting and windsurfing lessons. Kayak tours during the cherry blossom season and at sunrise are especially popular.

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Biwako ValleyGoogle Map

Sports Events:Athletics Skiing/Play with Snow

Enjoy a trip in the air to the summit in a modern gondola with glass walls. The panoramic view of Lake Biwa from there spreading from north to south will take your breath away. Biwako Valley also offers various restaurants and sports activities.

Athletic parks in the Tamba region of Kyoto PrefectureGoogle Map

Sports Events:Various Games

Tamba attracts us with its beautiful nature: rustic scenery with thatched houses and outdoor activities. Various sports facilities and natural parks are available.

Bathing beaches and campsites in Kyoto Prefecture

Sports Events:Swimming

The Tango area is blessed with cultural sites as well as great nature such as Amano-hashidate, one of the three greatest viewpoints in Japan. Visitors can also enjoy fresh sea food and hot springs in addition to water sports.

Athletic parks, campsites and canoe schools in the Yamashiro region of Kyoto PrefectureGoogle Map

Sports Events:Canoeing/Kayaking/Yachting Various Games

Yamashiro is well known for its historical and cultural sites such as Byodo-in Temple, which is registered as a World Cultural Heritage site, and Uji tea. Enjoy sports as well as beautiful views of tea fields and bamboo forest.

J-GREEN SakaiGoogle Map

Sports Events:Soccer

One of the largest national training centers for soccer, consisting of 14 soccer fields and 8 futsal pitches. The center displays the footprints of members of the Japan national soccer team.

Expo '70 Commemorative ParkGoogle Map

Sports Events:Various Games

The Park full of nature, culture and pleasures"--in this park of about 260 ha, you can find not only seasonal nature but also many facilities providing new learning and experience

Hyogo Other regions:ShigaKyotoOsakaWakayamaTottori

Hyogo Prefectural Sports Facility Guide

Forest Adventure AsagoGoogle Map

Sports Events:Athletics

The Sanou highland spreads near the ruin of Takeda Castle, famous as the castle in heaven. Let's try adventures in the forest in the best place where you can also see a sea of clouds.

Rokko Snow ParkGoogle Map

Sports Events:Skiing/Play with Snow

This ski resort is easy to access being located near the city area. Its gentle slope is popular among families. Various gear is available for rent. Skiing lessons are available for tourists from abroad.

availability period:2016/12/03~2017/04/02

Mt. Rokko Nature Conservation Center & Mt. Rokko Guide House Google Map

Sports Events:Hiking/Walking

The visitor's center promotes conservation of the natural environment and interactions with nature for people visiting the Mt. Rokko area of the Setonaikai National Park

WakayamaOther regions:ShigaKyotoOsakaHyogoTottori

Kinokawa Cycling Road

Sports Events:Cycling

The safe and flat causeway by the Kinokawa River is great for the beginner. You don't have to bring heavy gear if you use a rental bicycle. The Kinokawa area produces a generous amount of fruits; enjoy views and picking fruits as well as cycling.

TottoriOther regions:ShigaKyotoOsakaHyogoWakayama

Cycling Tour FacilityGoogle Map

Sports Events:Cycling

Helpful guides will take you cycling and hiking to allow you to feel the history and nature of Daisen

availability period:2016/04/10~2016/11/20

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Nagisa Koryu-kan of Iwami-choGoogle Map

Sports Events:Canoeing/Kayaking/Yachting

The base facility for various activities in San'in Kaigan Geopark, where you can try water activities such as kayaking and snorkeling.

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