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Kyoto TANTAN Longride 2017

Date:2017/06/04~2017/06/04 Application Period for Participation:2017/02/01~2017/05/07

TANTAN Longride (or Long Ride) is a long-distance cycling event. Courses start from Amanohashidate, which is reputedly among Japan's three most scenic spots, and take in the spectacular views of the sea, mountains, and countryside of the Tango and Chutan areas of Kyoto Prefecture. Enjoying the excellent local cuisine is an added bonus.

Tottori Tottori Marathon


The course starts from Tottori Sand Dunes designated as a Global Geopark to Inaba Kokufu, an old state capital that appears in a poem from Manyo-shu (the oldest poetry book in Japan). The race is popular for the warm cheers from the locals along the course and the good management and hospitality of the event supported by event staff and volunteers.

Hyogo Sanda International Masters Marathon


Run up and down the slope with the cheers from spectators! Warm ton-jiru soup awaits you after the goal. Come to Sanda to complete this season's run!

Osaka The 6th Osaka Marathon

Date:2016/10/30 Application Period for Participation:2016/04/08~2016/05/10

One of the biggest city marathon events in Japan with 32,000 runners participating. Not to mention running, it is also enjoyable to join the 1.3 million spectators standing by the road, cheering runners in unique costumes and showing message boards.

Tottori Welcome to KANSAI! “Sport & Sightseeing” PR event (Tottori Venue)


The Kansai region, including Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, is a popular tourist destination, where you can enjoy a wide variety of sports throughout the year. An event to promote sports tourism in the Kansai region will be held. Venue: Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Mirai Chushin (venue of the World Trails Conference in Tottori)

Tottori World Trails Conference in Tottori 2016


The World Trails Conference (WTC), an international meeting where representatives from the world walking and trekking industries gather, will be held in Tottori this year. This is the sixth WTC but the first to be held in Japan. Almost 50 organizations from 18 countries that preserve and utilize trails (unpaved paths) as resources, will gather and discuss trail conservation and maintenance, health improvement, tourism benefits, and other topics. Coinciding with the WTC, the World Walk Fest will be also held in Tottori, in which participants will enjoy nature, food and streetscapes walking with international hikers. Period: Friday, October 14 through Monday, October 17, 2016 Venues: Kurayoshi City, Misasa-cho, Yurihama-cho, Kotoura-cho, Hokuei-cho in Tottori Prefecture Program includes: ■ Opening Ceremony / Commemorative Lecture (free admission) ■ World Walk Festa in Tottori (extra cost): Walking Tours with 8 courses (4 courses/day) Saturday, October 15 / Sunday, October 16 [Participation Fee *Advance application required] Adults: 1,500 yen (2 days) / 1,000 yen (1 day) Students (high school and above): 1,000 yen (2 days) / 500 yen (1 day) * Junior high school and below: Free (without souvenirs) WTC Schedule:

Tottori Kaike-Daisen SEA TO SUMMIT 2016


SEA TO SUMMIT has started in Kaike-Daisen region. In this sport event, athletes head to the mountain top from from the sea shore via three activities, kayaking, cycling and climbing, feeling the circulation in the natural environment.

Kyoto The 15th International Friendship Race in Historical Road Tango Ultrathon 2015


The history of Kyotango dates back to as old as the mythological age. The city has many tumuli and shrines that convey the history of 1300 years. Take a trip to see the Sea of Japan in the morning glow from the ria coast to discover its history.

Tottori The 36th All Japan Triathlon Kaike

Date:2016/07/17 Application Period for Participation:2016/02/20~2016/03/31

The race is held around Kaiki hot spring, where the first triathlon event took place in Japan, in July every year. Triathletes around the nation like this place as a sanctuary. Over 4,000 volunteers support the runners every year.

Kyoto TANTAN Longride 2016

Date:2016/06/05~2016/06/05 Application Period for Participation:2016/02/01~2016/05/08

TANTAN Longride (or Long Ride) is a long-distance cycling event. Courses start from Amanohashidate, which is reputedly among Japan's three most scenic spots, and take in the spectacular views of the sea, mountains, and countryside of the Tango and Chutan areas of Kyoto Prefecture. Enjoying the excellent local cuisine is an added bonus.

Kyoto Tour of Japan Kyoto Stage


Tour of Japan, an international bicycle race officially recognized by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) adds Kyoto Stage from 2016. Riders are running through Kyotanabe City and Seika-cho.

Osaka Tour of Japan Sakai Stage


The largest scale international cycle road race in Japan that starts from Sakai City, a city of bicycles and continues to many parts of the nation. In the Sakai stage, you can witness powerful riders from the roadside by the Nintoku-ryo Tumulus.

Hyogo Kobe-Mt. Rokko 2 Day Walk


A hiking event takes place on Mt. Rokko, the hottest hiking spot in the region. Six courses are available from beginner to experienced. Hikers will discover the attractions of the mountain through this event.

Shiga World Run 2016

Date:2016/05/08 Application Period for Participation:~2016/04/26

World Run is a special event in which everyone worldwide starts to run on the same day, at the same time and the very last runner left would win the race. In Takashima, the race starts at 20:00. Let's run with people around the world, feeling the wind blowing over Lake Biwa!

Nara Nara Marathon 2016


The course includes historical sites representing the old capital Nara where you can feel the attraction of the city. Along the road, zenzai (sweetened red bean paste) and Miwa somen noodle are offered to runners free of charge.


Sightseeing Information

Wakayama Kishu-Kuchikumano Marathon

The participants of this race run the Nakahechi route of Kumano-kodo (the ruins of old Inabane-Oji and Ichinose-Oji shrines.) This is not an official competition of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations; as the course does not include many ups and downs and the time limit is set to six hours, runners could enjoy the race rather slowly.

Kyoto Kyoto Sanga F.C.

A football team based at Nishi-kyogoku Stadium in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City . At their training ground is located in "Sanga Town Joyo", you can watch the team members' techniques closely and communicate with them.

Osaka Senshu International City Marathon

One of the greatest marathon events in Japan that allows runners to feel the pleasant wind from Osaka Bay and see the massive Kansai International Airport floating on the ocean. Runners will be encouraged along the course by the sound of Danjiri-bayashi, the special music for the nation's most famous festival held in this area.

Tottori Tokushima Marathon

The Tokushima Marathon is a full-marathon event recognized by IAAS/AIMS. Beginners will love this event as the race sets its time limit to seven hours, longer than other races. Food service using local specialties and unique cheers makes it popular too.

Osaka Cerezo Osaka

Cerezo stands for a cherry blossom in Spanish. This team represents the nation like the blossoms and aims to compete teams around the world. Yanmar Stadium Nagai locates near the center of Osaka City and you can view fields and tracks from all the seats.

Kyoto Kyoto Marathon

Do you Kyoto" and "Support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake" are the main concepts of this event. Runners will enjoy the City of Kyoto as they run past seven World Cultural Heritage sites and view the five mountains known for "okuri-bi" (giant bonfires).

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