Experiencing Kansai's Nature part2

The people of Japan have always lived within the unique natural characteristics of the country, and this co-existence has developed the natural cultures of Japan. The people's lifestyles are one with nature, and the seasonal rural landscapes are Japan's p

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Sightseeing in Awaji Island

Sightseeing in Nishi Awa

Sightseeing at Mt. Daisen

Sightseeing in Sanin Kaigan Geopark

Sightseeing in Osaka

  • Shopping Heaven-Osaka

    15. Shopping Heaven-Osaka

    Shoppers have a full lineup of the latest fashions, popular goods, artistic accessories, and other enticing products.


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  • City sightseeing

    16. City sightseeing

    “Aqua Metropolis Osaka” is a core city of economy and culture, supported by water transportation.


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