Pilgrimage of the Heart of the Japanese (Power Spots)

Japan's Seto Inland Sea historically served as the main transportation route of West Japan, and is also known for its scenic beauty. Much of the area's primal scenery, wsdhich is often mentioned in Japan's medieval literature, still remains today. This jo

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Sightseeing in Shirahama

Sightseeing at Nachikatsuura

Sightseeting at Ise-Shima

Sightseeing at Lake Biwa

Sightseeing in Kyoto

  • Hands-on traditional culture experiences

    12. Hands-on traditional culture experiences

    Please get a deeper taste of Kyoto through activities such as the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and the experience of everyday life at a Kyoto townhouse.


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Sightseeing in Osaka

  • Shopping Heaven-Osaka

    13. Shopping Heaven-Osaka

    Shoppers have a full lineup of the latest fashions, popular goods, artistic accessories, and other enticing products.


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  • Tachikui Pottery Village

    14. Tachikui Pottery Village

    Fully enjoy Osaka’s “extravagant dining!”


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