•  A Potter's Townscape - Shigaraki Lifestyle - Stroll Among the Kilns

    A Potter's Townscape - Shigaraki Lifestyle - Stroll Among the Kilns

    Shiga Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    Tour the kilns that dot the town, while discovering scenes that are unique to this shigaraki-producing pottery town. Noborigama kilns, chimneys, and pottery works arranged at random... Experience the everyday pottery lifestyle with Shigaraki.


    Koka City, Shiga

  •  Dutch Dam

    Dutch Dam

    Shiga History Industry・Technology

    A legacy of the Dutch engineer, De Rijke. Even now, after one hundred years, the soil-saving dam still fulfills its role as it did when it was built. The rich green natural forest is a favorite spot for many water-lovers. In particular, it's a lively spot in summer as a location for barbecues and camping.


    Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

  •  MIHO Museum

    MIHO Museum

    Shiga Nature Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    World-famous architect IM Pei designed this museum built on the theme of the harmony of nature, architecture, and works of art, in the image of Shangri-la. It features a collection of approximately 2000 antique works of art and tea instruments from Egypt to the Middle East and all along the Silk Road to Japan, with 250 items on regular display. Enjoy cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, and other seasonal changes in the vast natural scenery while viewing the many works of art.


    Koka City, Shiga Prefecture

  •  Tea plantations of Shirasu-Ishidera

    Tea plantations of Shirasu-Ishidera

    Kyoto Nature Industry・Technology Food

    In the south-east of the Yamashiro region, Wazuka is home to Uji tea plantations that run to the top of the mountain. With clean air and a chilly climate, there is a big difference in temperatures between day and night, and it's a perfect place to grow delicious tea. Wazuka was first planted with tea in the Kamakura period, and those pioneers hoed the slopes, growing tea plants and re-planting when the plants grew old. Through repeating this work unceasingly, the tea plantations and the village became one, creating a beautiful traditional Japanese landscape as Japan's "home of tea".


    Wazuka, Soraku District, Kyoto Prefecture

  •  Osaka Prefecture  Izumisano Fishing Port

    Osaka Prefecture Izumisano Fishing Port

    Osaka Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    This fishing port connects the fruits of the sea with the dining tables of the people. Look out to see the Kansai Airport Bridge, connecting Japan with the world. The airport is built with the newest technology to create a manmade island that is gentle on the environment, and the way it protects rich fish habitat is a shining example of this. The fishing port includes Osaka's original open-air market, the Izumisano Fisheries Cooperative Open-Air Fish Market, where visitors can buy seafood fresh from Senshu to eat, and also enjoy watching the fish auctions.


    Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture

  •  Shin Umeda City Floating Garden Viewing Platform

    Shin Umeda City Floating Garden Viewing Platform

    Osaka Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    A viewing platform located 170m in the air. See the entire Osaka City area and out to Awaji Island. The underground shopping street features a food court with a retro streetscape called Takimi Koji.


    Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

  •  Banshu Chikusa Tesuki Washi Kobo

    Banshu Chikusa Tesuki Washi Kobo

    Hyogo Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    Chikusa has been a producer of a kind of washi paper called Harimagami since the Nara period. Currently, there is just one shop in the town that continues to make washi paper today, but the high quality paper can only be made in this place with its well-preserved natural surroundings. The shop continues to maintain tradition, passing down skills through the ages.


    Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture

  •  Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

    Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

    Hyogo History Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    The magnificence of the world's longest suspension bridge, the Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi. The length of the space between the pillars on the Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi is the longest in the world. There are many places to view the elegance of the bridge's shape, and at night when it is lit-up, but the best place to truly experience the size of the bridge and the fusion of nature and the massive man-made architectural structure, is the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park directly adjacent to the bridge. It also has historical appeal, and is an ideal addition to a new one hundred Kansai views. (There is also a tour where visitors can experience a 360 degree panoramic view from the top of the bridge's pillar at Bridge World from April to November (every week from Thursday to Sunday, and on Holidays))


    Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

  •  Nada-Gogo (Five Villages of Nada) in Kobe

    Nada-Gogo (Five Villages of Nada) in Kobe

    Hyogo History Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology Food

    The Nada-Gogo in Kobe City is one of the greatest sake brewing districts in Japan. The foundation of sake produced by the Nada-Gogo is Yamada Nishiki rice, a rice variety ideal for brewing sake, and Miyamizu water, a hard water discovered in the early half of the 19th century. Embark on a tasting tour of some of the more than 30 breweries that together produce about a third of all the sake made in Japan.


    Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

  •  SPring-8


    Hyogo Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    SPring-8 is a large-scale synchrotron radiation facility with diameter of about 450 meters and circumference of some 1,500 meters. Delivering the world’s most powerful synchrotron radiation, the facility can be used for research into diverse areas, including nanotechnology and biotechnology. The Exhibition Hall is freely open to the public. Guided tours of the site are also offered.


    Sayo (Town), Hyogo Prefecture

  •  Arida Mandarin Oranges (Orange Picking)

    Arida Mandarin Oranges (Orange Picking)

    Wakayama Nature Industry・Technology Food

    Arida is known nationwide as a producing area for Arida Mandarin Oranges, with 400 years of history and tradition. Sawako Ariyoshi's novel, Aridagawa, states "The whole mountain in its golden splendour made me question my own eyes"The mountain, split down the middle by the Aridagawa River, is orange with mandarins from October to December. Additionally, in May the orange flowers bloom, and Arida City is enveloped in the aroma of orange flowers. Visitors are invited to come and pick mandarin oranges here in the most famous mandarin-producing region.


    Arida City, Wakayama Prefecture

  •  Scabbard Fish at Minoshima Fishing Port

    Scabbard Fish at Minoshima Fishing Port

    Wakayama Industry・Technology

    At Minoshima Fishing port, the water of the inland sea from Osaka Bay meets the Kuroshio tide from the south,making it a fishing spot with the best of both, a very rich seafood resource. It is the biggest source of scabbard fish in Japan, and 8.1% of the scabbard fish caught in Japan are fished here. The Minoshima Fishing port, also called Tatsugahama, features approximately 300 yellow and white two-tone colored fishing boats and 1000 pull-cars to carry caught fish, and the sight of them all lined up is a highlight. Also, fishermen often sell their own fish at reasonable prices at the morning market. It's also fun to watch the spirited back-and-forth between fishermen.


    Arida City, Wakayama Prefecture

  •  Katsuura Fishing Port

    Katsuura Fishing Port

    Wakayama Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology Food

    The Nachi Katsuura Fishing Port boasts the largest volume of non-frozen bluefin tuna in Japan. Visitors can view the bluefin auctions, and can enjoy fresh bluefin as sashimi and in other dishes at the restaurants, hotels, and inns in the town.


    Nachikatsuura, Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture

  •  Tama the Station Master

    Tama the Station Master

    Wakayama Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    Ever since the local train line connecting Wakayama City and Kinokawa City got attention for having a cat for a station master, visitors have come from around Japan and abroad to visit Wakayama Railways' Kishi Station. The station has a cafe and Tama-related items on sale. Catch a ride on the Tama train, and everything will be "Tama World". Recently, "Nitama Station Master" has appeared at Itakiso Station, and its popularity is growing.


    Kishigawa, Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture

  •  Sun-dried Pickled Plums

    Sun-dried Pickled Plums

    Wakayama Industry・Technology Food

    Wakayama Prefecture's pickled plums are the top brand among pickled plums.


    Minabe, Wakayama Prefecture

  •  Naruto Whirlpools

    Naruto Whirlpools

    Tokushima Nature Facilities・Townscapes Industry・Technology

    The difference in sea level in the Naruto Strait when the tide ebbs and flows creates intense currents, including whirlpools that can reach up to 20 meters in diameter. One of the three big tidal currents in the world, the deafening roar of the whirlpools and the swirling spectacle is magnificent to see. The whirlpools appear for about one and a half hours before and after low and high tide every day.


    Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture